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Lyric Video Out From Estriver

Estriver comes out swinging with heavy hitting guitar riffs in the latest lyric video for the single off of their album Outcry.

“Slavery” is a song about not playing games and not letting anyone make you their slave. This is evident in the lyrics “I will not play your game, I will not be your slave”. Artistically, the video is purely black and white, with still and moving images. 3D images flashing and scrolling, white figures fluidly moving behind sheets and smoke make up the imagery for this lyric video. There are images of bindings and slavery thrown in to tie in the theme of the song.

This is harder song than I typically listen to, but that’s not to say it isn’t good. The guitar riffs that start the song were spectacular; only outdone by the thunderous drums that add to it. While not my style, the vocals matched the feel of the instrumentals in this track; heavy, powerful and commanding.

Based in Italy, Estriver is comprised of Piero Pattay (vocals), Giuliano Soranno (guitar/backing vocals), Riccardo Scaramelli (guitar/synth), Cristiano Primosi (drums) and Lucchese Guido (bass/backing vocals).

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