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Maika Rose Releases A Battle Cry For The Soul

By; Amanda Epstein

German singer Maika Rose follows up her successful release of “Your Smile” with her latest track “When The World Takes Control”.

Right from the start the piano and vocals grab the listener’s attention. There is no build-up, no long intro; she jumps right into the message of the song. Who hasn’t some “space to think” when the world around us feels crazy. She sings about needing to take a break and pick herself back up when the world takes control. Sometimes in life it can feel like we have no control of the things happening, and we need to regain it. Is she “strong enough” to pick herself up again?

Maika may be from Germany, but she sings in both languages. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful. The instrumentals highlight the nuances in her voice; from soft and subtle to a powerful inflection that touches the soul.

Let this song give you the strength and drive to pick yourself up and try again. Find the power in yourself to push through and find your reason for life. This is truly a battle cry for the downtrodden and broken hearted.

The pairing of her voice and the piano in the first half of the song leave a visual of a solo performer in a dark theater at a lone grand piano.

This track released June 18th.

Check out the latest release here.


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