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Mariah Counts Is Making A Splash

Mariah Counts is an artist making waves on TikTok and forging connections with her fans. She took to the road planning a full tour on her own. She comes to you from a platform of LGBTQ+ and authenticity; bringing music that has universal themes and relatability.

After her release of the EP "Lost In The Sauce", She has released two singles so far this year. Different But The Same followed by Everything I Need that came out in June.

Everything I Need is a song that starts out with a catchy beat and simple melodies. Once the chorus starts, though, don't be surprised if you're up out of your seat and dancing. That bridge will be stuck in your head for a while. Such a happy and poppy song, it's a true joy to listen to. This song is all about finding that one girl who loves you for yourself and all of those little things that you love about them. From borrowing clothes and leaving notes to the way her lisps taste.

A little bit about Mariah:

Los Angeles-based, San Diego native singer songwriter, Mariah Counts, has an incredible way of using her authenticity to connect with and evoke raw emotions from her listeners. The young artist is currently on the second leg of her DIY album tour! The Lost in the Sauce first leg was 30 days, hitting 18 cities and performing 21 shows! The second and third leg combined are 60 days of touring, 37 stops crossing 17+ state lines! Mariah’s shows are characterized by storytelling with her songs. She inspires human connection in her audience and leaves everyone wanting more at the end of the show. Her fans would describe her as “having the absolute best, down to earth energy. And that voice is out of this world!” Mariah just dropped two new singles in the past month and a half, ‘Different But the Same’ and ‘Everything I Need’. Both are summer bangers!

Find her at her website, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and where we found her, on TikTok .



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