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Matt Steele Tells An Interesting Story About A Metal Show

When I first heard the title of this track and knew it was a folk style song, it had my attention right away. The thought of “Falling Asleep At The Metal Show” was intriguing and I knew I had to listen. Matt tells the story of being so overtired that he had nodded off while working at a metal show; and the subsequent trouble he got into.

Matt’s voice is calm in an unexpected, yet pleasant way. Mo Kenney joins him on the track and adds another layer with harmonies that compliment the softness of Matt’s voice. The inflection in his voice ebbs and flows like the ocean waves, creating a serene feeling. There is a slight twang to the electric guitar in the background. You can almost see the guitarist playing with the whammy bar in your head.

He vividly describes aspects of a metal show quite well for any of his listeners that have never attended one. From the stacks, headbangers and screaming singers, all of the elements were there. The song is an expression of wanting to get up and enjoy the music and the show, yet he just can’t find the energy to do it and wants to go home. The lyrics, combined with the melody, create a visual of a dreamlike state standing in the middle of a mosh pit.

While he usually performs with a full band, over the past 18 months he has had time to do things a bit differently. He had a chance to focus on the softer side of his vocal skills and go in a more indie and folk direction.

Though the music couldn’t be farther from metal, the contrast from the title to the music is a welcome change.

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