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Mikey Ferrari’s ‘Standoff’

By: Victoria Davies

Los Angeles' incredible emerging talent, Mikey Ferrari, has just released his third single 'Standoff' to follow his previous singles' Moving Slow' and 'Lunar Light' for his debut project, SPACEBOY EP. Written by Adam Castilla and himself, the artist exposes the vulnerability he felt after discovering the loss of one of his best friends. Filled with raw emotion, symbolic imagery, and painful thoughts, the 'Standoff' is one of a kind.

The song starts with the singer talking to his friend who passed away as if they were having a private conversation. The lyrics were honest, relatable, and personal: qualities that I find vital in such a topic. His ability to describe the experience will grab a wide demographic as everyone has or will experience a loss in their life. His vocal style is relatively raspy, highlighting the authenticity and painful emotion behind the words he's singing.

Alongside that, his topline is accompanied with euphoric pads and synth riffs that sound atmospheric. It illustrates a very nostalgic feel as if reality has disintegrated and he's lost in his thoughts. It moves on to the chorus which brings subtle surprises by adding more instruments such as guitar, drums, and a melody that provides for his falsetto skills. It is a simple and easy chorus that all listeners can instantly hum. Overall, I believe that the song never once dragged despite the repetition in melody.

I believe the singer is an emerging talent every A&R should look out for! Well done and good luck with the release of your SPACEBOY EP early in 2021, Mikey Ferrari!


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