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Mixed Feeling from Keith Heart In "Serial Heartbreaker"

North Carolina-hailing musician Keith Heart crafts upbeat dance-pop with eerie undertones on “Serial Heartbreaker,” rooted in a fusion of twinkling synths, heavy bass and floating vocals.

Imbued with an atmosphere there’s carefree yet sinister, the song writing paints a vivid

picture of dance club where people have lost all sense of themselves, indulging in acts

they’ve never tried before. With subtle foreboding shadowing the joyous layers, “Serial Heartbreaker,” unveils an unsettling narrative of someone is taking advantage of people to do their bidding.

Speaking of the track, Keith said: “I want the audience to enjoy the track but also feel

uncomfortable when listening to the lyrics; having the same feelings as the people I’m

describing in the song itself. Something is unnatural about the scenario I’m painting, and

that’s reflected in the production being very bare-bones without any traditional style dance production.” 

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Brady Keith Gearheart under his sonic identity of Keith Heart has honed an eclectic yet familiar artistry spanning dance, pop and R&B, serving us a surprise on every note.

BY: Malvika Padin



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