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MIYAVI Celebrates 20th Anniversary with New EP “MIYAVIVERSE – Anima”

MIYAVI, the rock icon, released his new highly anticipated album “MIYAVIVERSE – Anima” which is available on all digital music streaming services. The release also celebrates the new relationship with Bandai Namco Entertainment, a titan in the anime industry. This new project is his first new body of work since last year’s “Imaginary”. Consisting of different covers that feature MIYAVI’s signature sound, “MIYAVIVERSE” brings a whole new dimension to his captivating audiovisual world.

MIYAVI performed at the NBA Japan Games 2022, Presented by Rakuten in Tokyo on October 2 where he debuted his new single “Ring Em Up” at the Warriors Vs. Wizards game at Saitama Super Arena. The collaboration was also released by Golden State Entertainment earlier this month.

MIYAVI explores a whole new world with his unmistakable audio aesthetic that has helped him forge the cross-genre chemistry intrinsic to his career. This album continues to showcase an impressive range as he brings his fans something totally new: the first-ever anime album consisting of song covers that will be the first part of a larger project titled, “MIYAVI 20th & Beyond”. Five carefully selected, internationally beloved anime songs known as distinguished covers, are incorporated by the Samurai Guitarist’s signature sound to give these anthems a fresh feel that is sure to deliver an outstanding sonic experience.

“Get Wild” starts off with a stripped down intro, but within seconds blasts you away with strong electric guitar riffs and a bouncy bass line. With its punchy production and mesmerizing melody, the song invokes an unwavering, upward climb with the repetition of lyrics like ‘Get wild and tough’. “Soul’s Refrain” is an extremely upbeat and energetic sound with lively vocals over production that is in your face. MIYAVI does well adding his own personal flair while also providing impressive guitar instrumentation, especially towards the end. “The Galaxy Express 999”, pays homage to the original while also bringing something fresh and current with MIYAVI’s wonderful guitar instrumentals. The production and spirited vocals whisk the listener away, taking us along as we embark on a ‘never ending journey’.

“Eternal Wind” feels heroic and grand due to the stellar production and, once again, impressive guitar playing. What makes this one especially distinct is the mystical vocal arrangements that don’t come in till the last minute of the song; two and a half minutes of non-stop guitar suddenly waves out as MIYAVI’s voice rings in, backed by an almost choir-like ensemble, to finally give us a breather after the rollercoaster of a wind that very much feels eternal. The final track “Blue Bird” is from an opening from the more recent anime Naruto Shippuden. One of the smoother productions out of the five, the hopeful mood soft vocals, clean guitar playing, and steady base beats, all the while bringing something new to the well known opening theme with MIYAVI’s lower register and syncopated lyricism.

With the new album, MIYAVI said, “I am excited to be celebrating my 20th anniversary and share this new project with my fans. I have always loved anime and have recently been inspired to create this cover album. I hope that my personal sound shines through and resonates with my fans.” Outside of music, MIYAVI’s talents span the entirety of entertainment, one of which being his work as an actor. Some of his work include his riveting performance in the Angelina-Jolie-directed film “Unbroken”, as well as his roles in Kong: Skull Island” and “Maleficent 2”. In recent years, MIYAVI has showcased his wide range of talents further as he has become increasingly involved with the anime industry. He added voice acting to his repertoire in 2021 where he debuted Kouketsu, the villain of the Netflix animated film “Bright: Samurai Soul”. That same year, he voiced Finn in the critically acclaimed Netflix animated series Arcane: League of Legends, which also features his hit song “Snakes” with singer PVRIS, which he wrote for the official soundtrack. The now cult-favorite show is the first streaming series to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program earlier this year. Along with this, the actor brought his talents to the anime series “Tribe Nine” where he performed the opening theme “Strike it Out”. The sports enthusiast is not slowing down on the acting circuit anytime soon as the supremely versatile artist will appear in the movie Familia directed by Izuru Narushima, to be released this coming January. MIYAVI doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of “taking it easy,” as he’s been covered in two magazines for his role in the 2022 filmHelldogs, and has even collaborated with British luxury automotive manufacturer McLaren at their Artura Exhibition. His live “Artura Sonic” performance showcased his iconic and unique slap playing technique, and the live performance and accompanying videos highlight the excitement and innovation MIYAVI brings to his music.

The fresh album is set to continue evolving from previous approaches, dipping into different genres and captivating a myriad of listeners. This new album is part of the celebration of his 20th anniversary of his solo debut. On October 5, the multi-genre artist will embark on a North American tour for his 20th anniversary spanning 20 different shows before preparing for a performance at a special Christmas live show, Electric Xmas 2022, in Nagoya, Osaka, and Yokohama. Fans can buy tickets here, and follow MIYAVI on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok for more updates.



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