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Narrowcast Releases Debut Single "The Ones Who Fell Through"

New Alt-Rock group Narrowcast just came out with their debut single “The ones who fell through” on April 22nd. Artists Joseph Boynton and Mathew Morin make up the members of the band. Creating a very easy-going atmosphere, narrowcast creates an amazing song that a new rock listener could listen to but even an oldie too. It starts with Joseph Boynton’s vocals with a synthesized but relaxing background instrumental. It starts to pick up as Mathew Morin begins to play the guitar although keeping a subdued feel. This song gives you a very peaceful type of vibe but also manages to give you a very meaningful tone through the lyrics. With this song feeling so put together, you would never know that this was made remotely. Surprisingly, this song was created with artists from Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Connecticut. As instrumentalist Mathew Morin tells us “I walked around with headphones and edited most of it from my phone". Overall, this new song from Narrowcast creates a very nostalgic and vibey song that any music lover should listen too.

Listen to the song and check out the video

By: Alexa Rose


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