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New Group RODERIK Releases Their Debut Single

By: Amanda Epstein

RODERIK is a band who has come together during a global pandemic and is composed of members from other bands. Jake Anthony Salazar (vocals) and Jay T Sutherland (guitar) have come together with David P.K (bass) and Danny Nugent (drums) to form this collaboration.

Their track “Save Me” touches on the fact that everyone has to fight their inner demons at some point in their life. Some people will have more of them to battle, but we all come across them at some point. It is this struggle to put on the mask and hide those battles that fueled the writing of this song.

I am not the person I've become

So holding out for hope again

What's done is done

And I’m begging you to save me

This track starts off soft with whispers in the background. A buildup to a release is evident. Even though you know it's coming, the scream on the word "save" hits hard; in a great way. There is a mix of melodic sections, metal elements, and rockin’ instrumentals.



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