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New Track From Jimmy B

Promising hip-hop talent Jimmy B Fearless pays ode to endurance and making dreams

come true on feel-good track “Sacrifice,” featuring smooth rap verses over a gentle R&B-infused soundscape.

With easy-going yet emotive feels rooted in Jimmy’s escapist signature and introspective

song writing, the track taken from his upcoming EP The Love Is Real motivates us to move forward on our path to success.

Showcasing a powerful and gritty delivery style, the track encapsulates our willingness to

hustle through long days and nights as part of our journey to our ultimate goals.

Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Jimmy who found solace in music and beat-making after his losing his father and to escape from inner-city troubles, has honed his passion into an impressive craft, framed by raw talent and steadfast dedication.

BY: Malvika Padin



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