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New track out from KILLBOY

Texas-Arkansas singer, Sara Skinner, better known as KILLBOY, is a one of a kind star. Working alongside big names such as Pulse Recordings and Atlantic Records, the singer drove to LA to commence her music career. The rapper-producer has many impressive skills, including producing her beats, engineering her vocals, and playing multiple instruments. She has recently released a song called 'Cory Wit Tha GF', and it has definitely captured our attention!

The story is about a girl who's confessing her feelings for an unavailable boy named Cory. The song starts by exposing Cory's father's infidelity by bluntly admitting, 'I don't give a f*ck about what your daddy did. I know your mama hurt, but she'll get over it. You told me you don't ever wanna be like him, ok, so then don't get caught'. As the audience, we infer that Cory's in a similar situation as his father. She alludes that he has feelings for her despite having a girlfriend. The story presumes with her not caring about the consequences of writing this song. She says to Cory: 'you told me you gon' hate me if I write this song. When you gon' learn that ima do what I want?' KILLBOY finishes off the song by repeatedly expressing her feelings towards Cory.

The pop tune was beautifully produced. In the beginning, the instrumental is light and ethereal because the panned vocal delays surround the head atmospherically. However, once the chorus kicked in, the combination of the simple beat and sub-bass was stunning. The transition was incredibly smooth whilst bringing out low-end warmth to the song. On top of that, the guitar strums in the second chorus heightened the production nicely. It brought higher frequencies to the sound and balances the kick and bass skillfully. Lastly, the addition of harmonies and ad-libs also naturally filled up the space and allowed the melody to flow easily.

Overall, the track supported the narrative and solidified the mood very well. KILLYBOY's almost lazy yet dynamic delivery enhanced the emotions and soul of the track. I absolutely loved the scream at the end. Unexpected yet edgy all at once. Well done, KILLBOY! I can't wait to hear what you have next!

By: Victoria Davies


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