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Nicki Nicole Releases "Verte"

By: Tyrelle Lee

The track, “Verte” by rising Argentinian-born star Nicki Nicole has a feel-good vibe, influenced with a Caribbean island atmosphere. The video, with over 35 million views, illustrates a nostalgic, hippy nature as the artists demonstrate friendship, love, and happiness while taking a sunny road trip and snap vintage-inspired pictures inside an tour bus style RV. As Nicki Nicole and friends, Bizarrap and Dread Mar I who assists with the hook and composition of the track, walk through the woods in the midst of trippy animation, they stumble upon a front ocean view occupying themselves with a guitar, food, and laughter into the night. The lyrics are filled with expressions of guilt, confusion, and love all in one. The title of the song, Verte, meaning “to see you”, speaks to the idea of physically needing someone in your presence that makes you feel good about your environment. As the chorus goes,


Es lo que me hace falta en esta ocasión


¿Le explico a mi interior to'a еsta confusión?”

Which means “See you

Is what I need this time


Do I explain to myself all this confusion?”

The theme of the song strikes me to be along the lines of “Love Conquers All” or “Love Hurts” when unraveling the lyrics. The relaxing, slow tempo, colorful brass and guitar instruments along with trap-style drums compliments the lively, radiant scenery and positive energy. Her attractive singing appeal and musical talent bridges a gap where Latin music meets R&B and trap in a way we as an audience don’t get to admire or hear as commonly.


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