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Nika Jane And Her Father Get "Caught Beneath The Water"

The father-daughter duo of sixteen-year-old Nika Jane and her father, make up the band HØVDING. They are a dark cinematic musical team originally from New Zealand, and now reside in Nashville, Tn. The name HØVDING means 'CHIEF' and comes from the name of the ship that took Nika Jane's ancestors from Norway to New Zealand in 1872.

“Caught Beneath The Water”, released January 21st, is a hauntingly beautiful release that evokes dark and the mysterious visuals. Nika’s vocals are calming and energizing at the same time, while the music ebbs and flows like the water. The use of a computer to alter some of the vocalizations is evident, but in the best of ways. While it did alter some of the sound of her vocals, it is also very easy to imagine how she would make the sounds live on a stage.

Through listening to this track, an image of light colored fabric floating through a black background comes to mind. A way to set the scene for the Nordic storytelling.

Find this intriguing song here and follow HØVDING

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