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Oscar Lang releases "Are You Happy"

The London-based artist Oscar Lang’s track “Are You Happy” has a smooth, yet perpetual vibe to it. As soon as you press play, we hear a mellow pad followed by step to step, heavy guitar chords that brings more emotion into the song’s beginning. Complimented with a hi-hat cymbal and snare drum pattern, is Oscar Lang’s bedroom pop vocal range which starts off with the feeling of just wanting to get to know a person, hence the personal question asked: “Are you happy? Is there someone you wanna be?” The 20-year old’s curious mind stretches to statements of “You were too good at trying to hide the way you felt, i figured out that you were crying out for help.” We get a sense of the narrative and theme being to look deep inside of yourself for your happiness that lies within. Later in the song, mid-octave vintage reverb piano chords extend to a higher pitch to go along with Lang’s vocal melody of alternative rock and soft pop combo. Oscar’s quirky and playful visualizer of “Are You Happy” gives you a taste of his debut album “Chew The Scenery” set to release July 16th.

Check out the visualizer here

By: Tyrelle Lee



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