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Paul Roland Takes To The Stage

Psych-pop and goth rock icon Paul Roland continues to take music lovers on an intricate journey built upon intellectual song writing and infectious melodies. From gracing the stage across Italy and Greece with a new band of experienced Italian musicians

performing to his loyal fanbase and later revealing his composing skills on three-act contemporary gothic ballet Nosferatu or the Strange Case of Jonathan Harker, Roland has established a reputation for crafting macabre themes wrapped in melodic arrangements.

Carried by his deep vocals, Roland’s narrative-driven craft has diversified and evolved over a four-decade career that moved effortlessly through genres from his gothic and supernatural signature to expansive orchestral arrangements.

Right from his first album The Werewolf of London in 1980 to recent productions, Paul Roland has managed to strike a balance of lively yet haunting harmonies which continues to attract a loyal following who still allow him the space to carry his reputation as a niche artist even as his music stretches across the globe.

BY: Malvika Padin



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