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Petra Jarrar is a “Rebel” with a cause in her new song and video

By: Amanda Epstein

The video is shot in a split screen, showing two different people reacting to the same thoughts and feelings. The woman in black seems to be a happier version, whereas the woman in white seems to be very conflicted. The two versions of herself are opposites, right down to the boldness of their makeup. During the song, the girl in black is seen dancing during the chorus, while the girl in white is sitting relatively still or just walking around lost in her own thoughts.

As the song continues, Petra strips off the black jacket and it ends up on the other half of the screen, where the girl in white puts it on. It is almost as if she takes the energy, also. The girl in white is now dancing like the previous girl was. The jacket has Petra’s name on it, as well as the title of the track. It seems that the jacket is full of power, and frees whomever is wearing it.

The message of empowerment is strong within the lyrics. While set to more electronic pop music, the theme of personal strength comes through when she sings about being young and brave. The tone of the music is set higher to create an uplifting experience. Repetitive lyrics drive home the theme of fighting through adversity and fighting for something that you want.

If you’re looking for an anthem for those hard times, this may just be the song to listen to.


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