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Pop Artist Racyne Parker Releases "I'll Keep You"

By: Tyrelle Lee

A soulful All-American voice with a hint of pop and country flavor is musically expressed in a track by Racyne Parker entitled "I’ll Keep You".

In her natural essence, the visual for the song opens with her popping a recorded demo of the song inside of a tape recorder as she ventures off on her bicycle accompanied by sunset and whistling birds.

“When you come around you keep my dreams alive... never thought i would find a love like this” are lyrics expressing a particular love interest. Hence, not deemed a person specifically, we witness her in a state of true happiness enjoying her own song at poolside with vibrant balloons, a pink flamingo float, lifestyle magazines and a wine cooler to keep her company.

The tempo is very consistent with step by step electric guitar chords with a mix of cymbal and snare drums to compliment the ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ melodies from the hook. The scenes from the visual are transitioned from one activity to another whether it is taking a stroll down the road on her bike with headphones in and zero worries or freely painting her dreams on a large pale white room wall. Racyne Parker’s voice is one of a kind which puts her in a lane of her own sonically.

Titled “I’ll Keep You” this song captures the theme of finding someone or something you love and holding on to it as long as you possibly can.

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