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Practically Paradise's Video for "On Read"

By: Tyrelle Lee

The lead vocalist from Practically Paradise has a natural vocal ability to place an alternative rock tone into a project. The concept behind the track 'On Read' I can ultimately relate to in terms of remote communication between two people who use iPhones. A person is able to identify whether or not the other person read a message before they actually reply. If left on "read", that alone can give someone the idea that they are being ignored and in return, making them feel insecure, hence the lyric "are you leading me on?" The track starts off with hard-hitting snare drums and electric guitar rhythms setting the tone. The video shot and directed by Irick Images is playful and inviting for the viewer showcasing the band's live performance appeal and visual text animations that bring the iPhone concept to even greater light. In the video, viewers witness members of the band at various nightlife locations waiting for their date to show up, but only to end up being left "on read." I was a fan of the tinted theme colors during certain shots in the video, which gave a rigorous, cinematic approach to the visual project. Furthermore, the band, Practically Paradise has a promising future as they continue to tell stories in their songs that consumers of the digital age can identify with or relate to.

You can listen to the track Here

If you prefer to watch, check the video out


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