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PREMIER * Circadia Releases "Run Wild"

Circadia release their latest electro-pop single "Run Wild". This is a cover of the track from For King & Country, but done with their own spin. Known for their uplifting and thoughtful lyrics, Circadia takes on the challenge of making this song come to life in a new way. Along with the track, they have released a music video to accompany it and enhance the release.

Joining Circadia on this rendition is Moriah Jane. Moriah lends her mezzo-soprano vocals to the song and adds another dimension to the vocals. The addition of the electronic elements bring this song to a whole new level.

"This song is my favorite For King & Country song and they are my all-time favorite band," explains Circadia. "I chose to do my own version of the song for a few reasons: One, to get For King & Country's attention, Two, because what this song means and speaks about is simply to go for gold, reach for the stars, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't accomplish your dreams in life. Your anxiety, fears, and questioning whether you're good enough... they're all lies that your brain and others are telling you. We are made to Run Wild, live free, and love strong!"


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