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Rainbow Kitten Surprise Rocked The Show In Pennsylvania

Tuesday night fans lined the streets of McKees Rocks, PA braving the wind, rain and snow to get a spot inside the beautiful Roxian Theatre for alternative indie rock band Rainbow Kitten Surprise. For many fans this was their first “reintroduction” to the incredible lead vocalist, Ela Melo, who instantly put all worries to rest that RKS wouldn’t bring the same passion and incredible performance they have grown to know and love.

Fans enjoyed their first listen to new songs including RKS’s newest single “Work Out,” while also singing along to crowd favorites like “Cocaine Jesus,” “Devil Like Me,” and “It’s Called: Freefall.” From the front rail to the skybox the nearly sold out crowd filled the room with energy!

You can catch RKS as they continue touring the US through July, or catch them on their 2022 World Tour starting in September.

Photo and review credit: Front Rail Photography



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