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Razor Braids releases "Kellogg's"

Brooklyn-based group Razor Braids released their newest single, “Kellogg’s” on May 2. Razor Braids features front-woman Hollye Bynum as the lead vocalist and bassist, Janie Peacock on lead guitar, Jilly Karande singing back up and playing rhythm guitar, and Hannah Nichols bringing it all together on the drums. This single follows their debut album I Could Cry Right Now If You Wanted Me To, released in December 2021.

The band draws influence from 1990’s grunge, with a bass-heavy sound and a gritty feel. Their eclectic take on post punk ensnares you immediately. “Kellogg’s” is a song about heartbreak, but it’s not overly sad. Bynum’s vocals are melancholy, but in a way that feels like a warm, comforting blanket on a depressing day. As she comes to terms with her relationship ending, she wistfully recounts how she probably should have seen it coming. The lyrics are accompanied by shimmery and rippling guitar from Peacock and Karande, that break through the deep bass. There’s a tinge of surf rock in the guitar lines, which adds the perfect amount of hope and sadness. Nichols’ drumming is complex but lays perfectly underneath the rest of the arrangement. The beat drives the track, but never overpowers.

“Kellogg’s” is a bit muted and mellow compared to the tracks on I Could Cry Right Now If You Wanted Me To, but it shows a different side of the band to their audience. Razor Braids consistently delivers beautiful arrangements and emotional tracks, so be sure to give them a listen.

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By: Emily Mills

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