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Sashathem releases "Hellraiser"

BY: Victoria Davies

On February 19, Sashathem announced a dance-worthy single and music video, 'HELLRAISER', as part of their debut album, Glass House.

The song is about an individual who doesn't want to 'change [themselves] for you'. The artist calls the song 'a reclamation of agency and queer identity through the lens of the southern non-binary artist. In between moments of positive affirmation in the choruses, they use the verses to raise concerns about accountability, uncertainty, and self-doubt.'

And although the artist could use this powerful message as an opportunity to make an epic, serious song, Sashathem contradicts it entirely. Ironically, 'HELLRAISER' is laidback, bouncy, and incredibly versatile. It's one of those songs that could play in a café or at a relaxed house party with friends.

The single was produced by hip-hop producers Evan Amoroso and Agren alongside jazz

musician, Sashathem. The instrumental consists of an electronic piano, drums, and guitars, and some light percussions. Together, they created a 'curious, jazz-infused chord progression works with the propelling, Latin-inspired drum groove to celebrate and question their identity. It was a great instrumental for both singing and rap.

Accompanying 'HELLRAISER' is the music video available on YouTube. Featuring Sashathem, it is completely created in black and white. The video was set in multiple places, where you see Sashathem exploring the beach, a park bench, a bedroom, and a nice relaxing bathtub. Like the song, the fun, cozy scenes were also contradicted with more religious taboos such as a Ouija board and the pentagram's candle lighting. Although the symbol was used in many religions, it is widely recognized to be associated with Satan. Given that the song is called 'HELLRAISER', the scenes regarding hell are very suitable. All in all, well done!

Check out the song here and catch the video


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