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SHIKA Pays Respects To Her Astrology With Her New Single “Pisces Girl”

By: Michaela Norton

In her latest single “Pisces Girl,” SHIKA lets us know exactly what it feels like to be the astrological fish sign. SHIKA, based out of London, tells it like it is. She released her first single in 2020 called “You’re the Worst,” and is back to let us know she’s doing fine on her own with “Pisces Girl.”

With a voice as smooth as velvet, the song starts with SHIKA singing “I’m on a better wave to spend some time alone” just as you’re hit with a strong but easy beat that creates “the nicest flow.” SHIKA embraces the strongest characteristics of being a Pisces such as wanting to be alone and feeling a need to escape reality. SHIKA pays homage to the element of the astrological sign, water, by making the listener feel as if they’re floating on water. She further sings “if you want to let me down, I won’t come down so gently” to signify the romantic yet passionate side of a Pisces. “Pisces Girl” has a very chill, relaxed melody mixed with an easy, old-time feeling beat that would make it perfect for watching a sunset on the beach.

The song is accompanied by a music video that was shot by Azza Hassan and Polly Grace. This video is very aesthetically shot and stands out almost like a Pinterest board. The shots transition from purple-hued waves crashing to SHIKA in deep red lighting and sunglasses, and you know she is feeling herself. The “Pisces Girl” music video allows you to understand SHIKA’s “I’m good on my own” attitude even further. Not only does the video leave you wanting more, but it’ll leave you wanting to be the most boss bitch version of yourself.


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