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"Sketches" now released from Marta Palombo

Born in Florence, Italy, and thriving in Nashville, Tennessee, Marta Palombo has released her latest project “The Quarantine Tapes’ featuring her two new singles “Sketches” and “The Dock.” Not only can the young female speak multiple languages, but also sang backup for Josh Groban and is a known tea fanatic; furthermore, we can add her EP “Revisions,” album “Him,” and her Vox Pop Award to the resume. “Sketches” is an ode to the wild ride we have had in 2020. With the rise of the covid-19 virus, many of us were left quarantined with little to no idea what the future held in store. Palombo emulates that in this conversational song asking her friend “you and I were souls alike, tell me does yours feel like mine afraid at night” as she admits to her fears and anxieties. The second verse includes lyrics pointing to two pivotal moments in this year - the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police officers. She sings “now we bleed and march and weep, he can’t breathe and she can’t sleep.” These moments led to rising tension and anxiety of racial inequality and ultimately protests. As a listener, I’m glad to know these moments are included in the song because it wouldn’t be about 2020 without including these impactful situations. The bridge includes a beautiful violin solo, an emotionally powerful instrument in and of itself. The mood and tempo definitely match the meaning of the song which is meant to be reflective and somber. You’re listening to “Sketches” looking back on a difficult year, and Palombo has done an excellent job portraying that.

Check out "Sketches"

By: Michaela Norton


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