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Slic releases her debut single and EP

Photo Credit: Michael Morales

By: Alexa Rose

Latin-American singer Slic has her single “Party Music” coming out January 8th, with her debut EP Toygirl following on the 15th. Toygirl which creates an atmospheric sound that reminds me of a night out on the town. With her entrancing and creative background that almost resembles the likes of Halsey and Billie Ellish. Anyone who likes an alternative pop type of sound will fall in love with Slics’ style. Slic is definitely an up-and-coming star that the public should look out for.

The Lead Single “Party music” starts with a rhythmic drum beat that makes you wanna tap along. It then leads you into a playful mix of vocals and the beat, leaving you dancing along. She sings “I gotta find you on the dancefloor” and with this hit, she will.

The first few seconds of the title track are something completely new and interesting, as compared to mainstream music. She creates a highly creative opening and tells the audience that this is just the beginning. Having a heavy and eye-catching digital sound in the first couple seconds draws the audience in to this creative trance.

It then follows with a beat and vocalist that put the audience in an almost hypnotic state. Making you feel as if your almost in space just floating. The bounciness of her melodies, coinciding with her low-end heavy compositions, creates an atmosphere unlike no other.

In each of the four tracks Slic creates a vocal experience that feels like a wave leaving the audience in a haze. Young adults can relate to Slics’ story since many have been intrigued into the unknown, much like herself. This album is a way for her to tell the story of having late night outing with her friends as a teen. Slic is a must watch in the industry because of her new and unique sound and relatable messages.


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