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Sound Photographers ‘Shadows’

By: Victoria Davies

Based in Philadelphia, the singer-songwriter duo, Sound Photographers, have just released their second single 'Shadows' which is now available on all streaming platforms. Since first introduced to each other in 2017, Sound Photographers built upon a passionate reputation in the independent music scene. They draw influences including Talking Heads and Outkast to inform their creative process and lay the psychological groundwork for the overarching theme of hope in their music. Their newest song was written by Indy James and Hoozmo, composed by Hoozmo, and produced by Drea Young and Nice Rack LLC.

The single serves as a tribute to hardworking artists and a homage to the importance of creativity in life. 'Shadows is an anthem for all the side hustle artists. It's for everyone who after a long tiring day can't wait to get home and get creative," the Sound Photographers explains. "Creative flow recharges us. It feeds our souls. It smothers fear. We took an organic approach to this one. The song is about taking time for yourself. We took our cues from Annie Lennox and Damon Albarn and rocked with it."

'Shadows' starts with a female vocal acapella with harmonized delays. It swiftly moves on to a beat and bass combination, a catchy simple rhythm, especially when the bass has an uplifting melody. As it progresses, the track shifts between James and Hoozmo, where it evolves between singing and rapping. It makes the song dynamic in rhythmic flow, keeping the audience up on their feet.

It is a great song! According to the artists, the track continues to set the overall tone for Sound Photographers' upcoming singles. Therefore, I can't wait to hear their highly-anticipated album that's expected to release in late 2021.


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