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Stormstress Strikes With Their Second Single

By: Amanda Epstein

The vicious all female power trio Stormstress comes in with hard-hitting drums beats and killer bass lines in their new release “You Can’t Hurt Me Now”. Recorded at The Den Studios of North Reading and produced by Liz Borden and Sarah Fitzpatrick, this track goes to show the pandemic couldn’t hold this storm back. Their debut single came out on the edge of the pandemic, effectively putting a halt to the next release. Overcoming the obstacles, they’ve managed to record their 2nd single and are ready to share it with the world.

They sing about being in a sweet situation, but also realizing that it isn’t a good one. The empowerment of knowing that you’ve been mistreated and that your choice must be to leave. Having the power to look back and know that person can’t hurt you anymore is like being set free from bonds.

Just when you think you’ve got the rhythm of the song figured out and you’re singing along, they break it down. It may not be a long instrumental break, but it packs enough power and punch to leave a lasting impression. Spinning the melody on its axis, Tanya lets out a primal roar and sends the guitar notes at the listener like daggers. Maddie comes in strong with the drums to punctuate the change. There’s no way to ignore the electrifying bass lines punching through from Tia’s fingertips.

Along with the powerful song, comes their first theatrical music video. With shots captured by drone, along with footage of the band rocking out, this video captures the unbound spirit of the song. This video was shot by the brother and sister team of Troncat FPV and Fuel Heart Productions. The cinematography captures the raw energy of this trio when they perform. From the hair in Maddie’s face, to Tia’s flying fingers and Tanya’s head banging.

While this may be a heavy song musically, lyrically it is as well. The twins, Tia “Mayhem” and Tanya “Venom”, are the lead songwriters for the band. They are very methodical in the way they string words together, painting vivid pictures and invoking strong emotions. These musicians are true wordsmiths.


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