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Stormstress Want To "Fall With You" Over Their New Video

The new song from Stormstress is a bit different from their last two singles, but in no way inferior. Do you give in to the temptation and the desires of your heart, or do you play by the rules and suppress the truth and possibly your happiness. This emotive release will pull at your heartstrings and throw you into the feelings of loss, longing and heartbreak.

Beginning with soft electric guitar notes and Tanya Venom’s melodic singing, before being joined by backing harmonies of Tia Mayhem and Maddie May Scott. Tanya carries such emotion in her voice to the point I thought she was going to break into tears any moment. Coming from the depths of her heart and soul, “Fall With You” is a power ballad aimed at the core of their listeners.

A metal song with an orchestra, yes please! Violins, a cello and an upright bass provide a balance to the electric guitar. Speaking of guitar, Tanya finds a way to seamlessly marry hard solos with flowing melodies. The beginning is full of soft music; almost creating a sway to it. After the first chorus the music picks up and you can hear those metal undertones. There is a powerful connection that ties it all together.

Visually, their music video punches up the emotions and really brings the waterworks. From the ballroom dancing to the facial expressions, there is a definite story of longing and torture here. That moment when Tanya turns and walks away from her partner, fingers lingering for that last moment together, is enough to break anyone’s heart. Just as this hits so hard emotionally, it also signals the music to turn it up. Switching between scenes of a ballroom full of other dancers to views of just the two of them, indicating the back and forth of the agonizing choice her character has to make. That line about wanting to “give in so bad” is a glorious taste of the power of this band.

They mix in all those emotional scenes with shots of the band rocking out in front of a church pulpit. Not something that immediately comes to mind, but works so well with this song. And what is a Stormstress video or performance without some twin head-banging happening.

Check them out everywhere and watch as they blow everyone away.

By: Amanda Epstein



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