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T3TRA Releases Polarity

By: Tyrelle Lee

T3TRA's voice is a breath of fresh air. Electrifying snares and claps with hints of reverb compliment the warm bell sounds and lead pop synths throughout the project. Her honesty is very much appreciated and we can sense a degree of heartbreak in the first track "Slum It", I quote "I don't need your pretty lies, it's the lows that get me high." Pleasing lo-fi hi-hat rhythms from "Oxy" are met with strong, guilt-tripping lyrics, like "Drowning in the pain, I'm going through a crisis..." , "I have nights, I've wasted days pretending that I'm great."

T3TRA paints a picture especially for those who have been in love or lust. In the song "Trip" which contains chanting reverb claps and prolific 808 drum patterns, she proclaims, "You call me baby like I am a goddess, you watch me like your favorite show." In the song "Smoke", she professes, I used to put you in my songs, but one day I realized that you don't listen."

Confidence is pouring out right before our ears and her realization of a past significant other not being who she thought they once were. The deluxe album includes demo versions and heart-filled poetry, which give a more intimate, acoustic feel to the earlier electro-pop rhythms. As a listener, I receive a soothing Amy Winehouse aesthetic appeal to her raw vocal personality.


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