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"Talking to Myself" out now from Carobae

Carobae strikes back again with her latest hit, 'Talking To Myself', in her upcoming EP, 'The Longest Year: Part Two'. 'Talking To Myself' depicts a girl who's expressing how she feels about herself. She explains how 'there's something wrong with [her]' and that she keeps 'talking to [herself] but not very nicely'. It's a vulnerable and relatable piece that many can relate to.

She starts off the song with the guitars panning from left to right, giving it a lovely stereo image. Although it is relatively simple initially, the track continues to evolve with subtle additions of pianos, strings, and tiny dings that sound like a xylophone. You can feel the story move musically, and as the seconds go by, you can hear the chapters unfolding.

Carobae also expressed the story through her brutally honest and raw lyrics. Examples would include how she 'pretends that [her] life is worse than it is' and she's 'the biggest hypocrite [she's] ever met'. These lines are confessions that many people struggle to admit. The self-reflection and self-awareness of this pop track are rare and proves that her vulnerability will treat her well in the future.

Equally, the choice of strong vocal distortion on her vocals was incredibly edgy. When paired with graceful-sounding instruments such as xylophones, piano, acoustic guitars, and strings, the distortion acted as a great balance to the piece. It stands out compared to other female artist music in the industry, making her stand out from the crowd. Well done, Carobae!

Check out the lyric video or listen to the track

By: Victoria Davies


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