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Taylor Castro Releases "Muse With A Dagger"

By: Tyrelle Lee

Over a lo-fi piano and melodic reverb guitar chords, Taylor Castro’s voice invokes passion and consideration for something that has been in the back of her mind for a long time.

The unique, cinematic visual for “Muse With A Dagger” opens up with quick, suspenseful transitions and a dramatic ocean scene with Taylor falling downward into the water from an upward, cradled position. The visual demonstrates strength and growth including images of a lively tree root with high-spirited green leaves and a well-built sturdy statue. From incandescent lights to plastic slip covered furniture, we get to witness a retro, vintage movie vibe from the feel from the music video.

Taylor Castro speaks for any emotional backlash with powerful, intuitive lyrics told as “All those late nights struck by crossfire” .... “All those times i turned a blind eye.. and I still see you”.... “You're making fun of my people, pretend i don't hear you..” At the end of the visual, we see a strong-willed Taylor finally reach the top of the ocean with her face above water to symbolize the overcoming of heart-rending obstacles.


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