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TayloRX is Calling the Shots

TayloRX released her new song “Shots” on February 5th. She is a pop artist in Nashville, making waves and “calling all the shots”. In a town full of musicians and talented artists, Taylor is carving a place for herself and her music.

She has a power in her voice that is unexpected in a great way. As evident by the lyrics in the song, she is not letting anyone tell her what to do. She is who she is, and won’t let anyone change that; her time and energy are not to be wasted.

This song has a strong dance feel to the music. It definitely fits into the electro-pop-dance category she is labeled. The whole thing gives off vibes reminiscent of Katy Perry; pop and dance combined into an earworm that gets stuck in the listener’s head. There is a contrast between the unmistakable drums and her melodic voice. As evident as the contrast is, both sounds have something special that compliment each other.

Taylor will be performing this new song, along with others, during a Facebook live event on March 20th. “Live At My Baby Grand” is the name of the event. Not only is she performing for the audience, but she will be interacting with them during the show.

Check out the song here



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