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The Freight’s ‘Fish & a Bike’

By: Victoria Davies

Released: 13 November 2020

The Freight is back with another single called 'Fish & A Bike'. After their debut success single 'Show Me' hit number 1 on the iTunes Blues Singles chart on the release weekend, there's no surprise that the crowd was ready for the next one!

Don't know who The Freight is? Hailing from Boston, the band identifies themselves as an

upbeat fusion of rock and roll, early rhythm ‘n' blues, and funky soul. They have a website that features all of their social media links, streaming platforms, merchandise, bookings, and tour dates. The band consists of five men starting with Adam Tiro, lead guitarist, vocalist, and booking agent. Next is Stephen Anderson, the bassist, Greg Tragellis for keys, John Marinilli for percussion, and last but not least, Marc Loverin, the drummer. Although Tiro is the lead singer, they all contribute to the singing.

Their latest song, 'Fish & a Bike', illustrates a man confronting his significant other to stop

dictating his life. He felt controlled by her ways and pressured to change his personality or character to satisfy her needs. He tops it off by saying that he needs the girl as much as a fish needs a bike, implying that she does not play a vital nor a relevant role in his life.

To analyse further, the lyric 'fish and a bike' extrapolate off of the famous saying 'chalk and cheese', insinuating that their differences are so extreme that they have nothing in common. It's intriguing for the band to come up with their own saying of the said concept. To me, it makes them original, unique, and stand out from the crowd.

With their simple and straightforward lyrics, they accompany it with an engaging rhythm and tempo. You can also hear the band having fun with background vocals, nicely filling in the space between each line. They even gave band members their solo parts, with Tragellis playing his keys at 1:35 and both guitarists at 2:05. If only they offered a drum solo, it would have gone around the full circle!

Overall, a super fun song. Keep up with the good vibes, The Freight!


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