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The Happy Fits Remind Us How To Hold Onto Hope in “Sailing”

The Happy Fits, three long-time friends Calvin, Luke, and Ross turned touring musicians, have released their latest alternative indie-pop single “Sailing.” The song is about the singer trying to hold onto a relationship or emotion that is clearly absent, yet he’s steadfastly hopeful in his attempts. He sings “I feel your laughter, your warm, open stare, I'm chasing after something that isn't there.” It’s transparent he’s holding onto something he doesn’t have as he sings “it’s been so long since I've had a friend.” Listening to the song made me wish I could shout out at him to move, that the feeling is no longer there. There is an easy vibe to the song as the acoustic guitar is the main instrument featured. The tempo adds to the hopeful spirit of the singer; however, there is still a mellow tone to the song. The bridge and outro offer a heightened degree as he begins to realize what he had maybe gone for good.

The song is accompanied by a music video directed by Ryan Catwell. In a simple video, the three band members drift on a paddle boat playing their respective instruments. The video feels almost like a diary excerpt like they’re reading their thoughts to you. The Happy Fits have two other albums, ‘What Could Be Better” released in 2020, and “Concentrate” released in 2018.

By: Michaela Norton


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