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The Latest Release From Elle Brightly Has a Relatable Message For Young Girls

By: Victoria Davies

Elle Brightly is an aspiring talent who's got 'a fresh, girl-next-door vibe to the pop music scene'. Ever since she was young, music has surrounded her entire life, and in 2018, her music vision is moving very quickly. The singer generally writes her music as a way to grow through her music. 'I keep a notebook with songs I've written and new song ideas', she writes on her website. 'It's my form of poetry.'

Her most recent single release, 'I Know Your Type', was listed in the Top 5 Songs on New

Music Friday and currently has a music video available on YouTube. Co-written by Idrise Ward and Gerina DeMarco, it's a story about a girl confessing how she knows a player when she sees one, explicitly stating that she 'knows [their] type' in the song. It's a fun, party tune that's empowering and especially great for a girl's night out.

Assuming that her demographic is young females, Brightly illustrates a highly-relatable message for many teenage girls and allows the artist to connect to her demographic. She plays a strong role model and teaches them to say 'no' when a boy is playing with your heart. The song is set at a pop standard of 120 bpm. The tempo is nicely guided by the quick drums and light snaps, making it particularly easy to flow through the song without feeling tedious. Bouncy guitars and dynamic melodies also accompany it. 'I Know Your Type' also follows a pop arrangement of verse, pre-chorus, chorus, repeat.

I've noticed that it starts to draw influences from disco around the chorus section, which

excitingly establishes a Charlie Puth vibe. Her vocals are also incredibly dynamic, hitting various keys and ranging in multiple vocal techniques such as belting and head voice.

One thing that stands out in the song is the bridge at 2:34 leading up to the chorus. The

producer uses the same topline for the chorus but filters out the instrumental using a cutoff. As the producer slowly lifts the cutoff, the production shifts from muddy to clear and creates an explosive effect. I think that was a great choice. It ends the song with a finale bang and matches the theme of female empowerment.

Check out the song here or watch the video


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