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The Sublets are Misunderstood

Cleveland, Ohio-based indie alternative band The Sublets has released its powerful and moving new single and video “Misunderstood.” An anthem for the uncertainty of our times, “Misunderstood” highlights how we build walls of division by making assumptions. These themes of miscommunication refract through a prism of polished punk, group vocals, and resounding guitar.

For the video, which is poised to create a viral social movement, The Sublets invited people from all over the world to participate by holding signs marked “#Misunderstood” and expressing themselves in whatever way the individually feel “misunderstood.” Because everyone feels that way at times—misunderstood for one reason or another.

“There are times we have all felt misunderstood in our lives for a variety of reasons. With the many ways that people in our world can feel separated today, there is calming power in knowing that we have commonality with one another. The video embodies relatability and the notion that we are all in this together,” Lead Singer and Songwriter George Chase, Jr. says.

Upon the video’s release, The Sublets will continue to invite people around the world to participate by creating their own “#Misunderstood” signs, taking and sharing photos, and telling their stories on social media. “We would love to see how people interpret #Misunderstood,” Chase says.

To help provide a solution to those individuals feeling misunderstood and in pain, the band hopes to bring attention to organizations focused on the awareness and prevention of depression, bullying, and suicide. A portion of the proceeds from the new #Misunderstood T-Shirts will be donated to such causes. The Sublets encourage fans to participate by sharing the #Misunderstood message, purchase the shirts, and/or donate to their own favorite charity or cause.



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