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Tune Into “Sun to Shine” by Joss Jaffe If You’re Looking To Tune Out

By: Michaela Norton

Can you float on a wave and watch clouds turn shapes at the same time? That’s what it feels like as I begin to listen to Joss Jaffe’s “Sun To Shine.” Californian Joss Jaffe, who traveled to places like Jamaica to develop his yoga practice, creates his worldly music with heavy dubstep influences. An easy song to bop too, “Sun to Shine” picks up tempo in its chorus singing “Everywhere you get to, anywhere it takes you in this life. All the things I've loved for, all the things to live for, sun to shine.”

The message of this song allows the listener to self reflect in a safe, uplifting environment, and it provides a mental space where one can leave their troubles at the door. “Sun to Shine” is minimal, yet allows so much emotion. It’s not a surprise given that Jaffe has extensive experience in the art of music and yoga. He has performed at numerous yoga and transformative yoga festivals. He’s influenced by many unique genres such as meditation, Indian Classic, and electronic. Jaffe has also been praised by popular yoga magazines such as Om Magazine and LA Yoga.

Joss Jaffe is a perfect artist to tune into when wanting to tune out the rest of the world.


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