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What Do You Do When It Rains In Paris?

Marta Palombo releases her latest single "Raining In Paris". This track is calm with serene music. It gives a feeling of swaying as you listen. Her lyrics are written in such a way that they seem to create a scene in front of your eyes. Imagine a beautiful sunny day walking around the streets of Paris. That is what this song calls to mind.

Writing this song after a trip to Paris, this is almost a love letter to the city. The city looks different in the brightness and livelihood of the day than it does at night. When it rains, another beautiful layer emerges and gives the city a whole new look. Palombo uses this as the inspiration for this song. Bringing the city to life through song and word, Palombo writes as if this is a love story to the city. Most songs are about a person that they are seeing, someone they want to kiss in the city. What if the person you want to kiss, and be with, is the city itself.

Take a listen and visualize the scene as she sings.

Palombo is no stranger to the music world. As a touring artist in Nashville, she has also shared the stage with some large names. Most notably is Josh Groban, when she sang back-up for him at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.



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