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"Wildest Dreams" out from Max Embers teases to his new EP

Wildest Dreams by Max Embers is a soothing yet confident canvas met with peaceful guitar chords and violin string counterparts. Embers appeared as one of the 2019 finalists for NBC’s Songland and has been a force to be reckoned ever since through collaborations with major label artists and Grammy award-winning songwriters. Due on May 7, this will be the first single off of his original EP Idyllwild. Starting out our introduction to the album being a heartfelt masterpiece “wildest dreams.” Lyrics that gave me much insight into his relationship with music and environment is as follows:

“Age is not a number memory redefined, So find me dancing in between the light where i lie”

Embers reminds us to “enjoy the ride and try until we fly.” This song grabs its influence from the power of the mind and water whispering melodies and in return encourages you to think beyond even your “wildest dreams” or prosperous possibilities.

By: Tyrelle Lee


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