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Will You Be A Cupcake War Survivor With GFM?

GFM is not your average girl group. What comes to mind when you hear about a band of sisters? Pretty sure it isn't anything like these girls. They're a powerful mix of punk, metal, neon and glitter.

Their live shows are nothing short of a burst of energy and positivity. You'd be hard pressed to find a moment where CJ (guitar, vocal) and Maggie (bass, vocal) are standing still, or that Lulu isn't almost bouncing out of her seat behind the drums.

The music starts and they take the stage. Heavy music, cheerleading outfits and a neon green animal print guitar come at you before Maggie's growling voice explodes off of the stage. Their energy is contagious and the crowd is screaming and jumping along with them. Even the tiniest of fans in the front row; the two girls who couldn't be more than 8 years old. Their message of positivity is a refreshing view, and a great thing to shine a light on.

From bright guitars and heavy music to energy and flying cupcakes, this is a show you do not want to miss. Yes, flying cupcakes!

I had the opportunity to sit down with CJ before the show and get some insight into GFM.

She says that when they're in stage, the sixth sense and connection between the three of them give them a high like no other. Colorful instruments and fun tricks are trademarks of their shows. Want to call yourself a cupcake war survivor? Stick close to the stage and catch a cupcake as they're thrown into the audience.

The band stands on a platform of positivity that stems from having been told they have to be a certain way as females in the music industry. Good communication is one of their core values, along with their faith. The song Never Again is a tribute to not giving into hate and "putting your foot down" to be authentically yourself.

Beautycore is a term they've coined to essentially label their genre. What started as a joke became a way to describe the band's mesh of glitter and all things girly with the heavy music and warpaint they wear on stage. "Don't take yourself too seriously".

She told a story about the times they played in Germany, and the difference between how their music is received there versus the US. German concert goers live for music and take it very seriously. Apparently it is an honor if the audience starts to act as if they're rowing; it is a sign of respect for the artist. The people at their shows actually researched the band beforehand and even had play fights with inflatable weapons. Talk about a new experience.

They may be sisters and in a band together, but each of the girls bring their own strengths and skills to the group. Maggie is the leader of the group. She's the front-woman on stage, and handles more of the business stuff behind the scenes. Lulu is the tech whiz of the group, doing video edits and graphic design. CJ runs social media and is the "emotional center" between the sisters.

Check out some shots from their show at The Basement in Nashville, TN.

Photo credit: Amanda Epstein

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