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Year Over Years’ “Charm” Will Bring You To A Place Both Sinister and Emotional

By: Michaela Norton

I imagine myself walking eerily through a foggy forest as I listen to “Charm” by Year Over Year, otherwise known as Dorian Pintarica, a young musician from East Kootenay, Canada. The song starts with a slow electric guitar that helps the listener to go inward, almost like having the same two or three thoughts circling around in your head. Year over Year begins his lyrics by reflecting on a past relationship, what this girl said to him, and how it’s affecting him now as he sings “my charm isn’t getting me ahead” and “I’ve been complacent with myself and I’m so sick and tired of it.” And just as that sadness cuts to your core, you hear that same sad electric guitar bring you up out of yourself that feels like something bad finally tastes good. This moment is very touching to the listener as Pintarica is a purposeful writer. Though his music may take a dim view of self, there is a poignant meaning for those really lend their ear. If you lend your ear, Year Over Year will lend his heart. His music is able to bring you to a specific place while still leaving room for your perspective. “Charm” is a beautiful and painful reminder to all of us that we all feel, we go through heartbreak, and we endure insecurities. This song speaks volumes with little words. As mental health becomes a growing concern during these times, it’s reassuring to know that the self-deprecating are not alone in their emotions.


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